About Us

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As a leading provider of dance education and fitness, we take pride in offering the best. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Fusion Dance Company, LLC is new to Juneau, Alaska. Directed by the Cadiente sisters, Christa Baxter and Danielle Ouellette, former JDHS Dance Team Coaches and Janice D. Holst Dancers.

Dance has always been in our lives and we want to share our passion for this unique sport. We began this new adventure due to the many times hearing that older kids want to take dance classes but are intimidated to jump into a dance studio where the beginner levels are generally for ages starting at 6 years old. Our first class, Dance Fusion, has been designed for those that want to dance but want most dance styles in one class.  It is never too late to start dancing. Get out there and move to the music!

We offer classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary dance genres. Adult & youth group fitness classes, holiday youth dance camps, dance apparel and studio rentals are also offered in our new location. Another goal is to provide exercise apparel in the near future.

Our Mission

Our goal at Fusion Dance Company is to pass to our students, the love of dance and exercise in a safe, friendly and fun environment, to give each of our students the confidence to believe in themselves, and to provide classes to all ages. We believe that proper dance technique is extremely important; however, to be a successful dancer you also have to unite passion, dedication, and desire.